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Out-of-Print GT40 Books


Ford GT40 Super Profile by John Allen.

The Ford That Beat Ferrari by Gordon Jones and John Allen.

Out-of-print and highly collectable. Expect to pay a lot for this one.

Ford GT40 1964-1978

Collection of magazine articles and road tests. Now out-of-print. Most of the articles, but not all, are included in "Gold Portfolio".

The Ford GT40 - Prototypes and Sports Cars by David Hodges.

Small volume which is now out-of-print but fairly easy to obtain.

Dust&Glory.JPG (21358 bytes)

Ford: The Dust and the Glory - A Racing History By Leo Levine.

Unfortunately, another of those books that has attracted the attention of the book collector (the other is "The Ford That Beat Ferrari"). As a result, expect to pay a lot of money if you don't already have it.

Ford GT40 Sports Cars - Supercars in Profile by Steve Archibald.

Another softback volume which is very scarce.

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Racing Mechanic - Ermanno Cuoghi -Mechanic to a World Champion by Jeremy Walton.

Biography of the former Gulf/J.W. Automotive head mechanic.

Ford GT40 Illustrated Parts List and Spare Parts Price List.

Very rare. Although I have seen a few copies of the Illustrated Parts List, I have only seen one with the accompanying Price List.

Ford GT40 by John S. Allen.

The Inside Story of the Fastest Fords by Karl E. Ludvigsen.

The Certain Sound - Thirty Years of Motor Racing by John Wyer.

Now out-of-print but fairly easy to come by. There were two editions, both of which were identical.

The Ford GT40 - An Anglo-American Competition Classic by David Hodges.

Much updated and revised version of his first book.

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The Ford GT - Profile Publications No. 90.

Paperback originally aimed at modellers. Quite difficult to find in good condition due to its flimsy format.

The American Challenge - Ford's Le Mans Program.

Softback volume which is relatively easy to find, although much of its text is adapted from other books.

AmericanChallenge.JPG (29104 bytes)

Ford GT40 SAE Papers

Development of the MkII in great detail.

Shelby American Racing History by Dave Friedman.

Only 10 pages covering the GT40 but if you like Mustangs and Cobras as well!