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GT40 Models

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Numerous kits of the GT40 have been produced over the years. Perhaps the most well-known are the kits from Japanese manufacturer Fujimi. Initially starting with the 1-2-3 placed 1966 Le Mans Mk.II's, the range was later expanded to include many more Mk.II's and a number of Mk.I's. Currently, not many of the Fujimi range are still available although some can be purchased from my Relish Models website.

Other notable kits are produced by French manufacturer Le Mans Miniatures. These are resin kits and are generally available as kits, painted kits or completed models. They are not cheap but quality rarely is.

All the models featured here were built by Jörgen Stendahl.



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Two pictures of Jörgen's model of GT40P/1006 as it appeared at Le Mans in 1965. Once again, a superb model as we have come to expect from this craftsman.

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Another cracking model from Jörgen is this one of GT40P/1047 as it appeared at Le Mans in 1967.