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Definitely the best racing simulation available - bar none!

A fantastic recreation of the 1967 Formula 1 season this simulation, you can't really call it a game, is incredibly difficult but is definitely worth the effort. Every aspect of the car set-up can be altered. No GT40s are featured but all the tracks are the ones that the GT40s raced on and are worth "driving" around just to get the impression of what it was all about.

The game comes with most tracks from the 1967 Grand Prix season, the main exception being the Le Mans Bugatti circuit which was considered to be a bit of a "Mickey Mouse" circuit..

Thanks to a group of talented individuals, the Bugatti  circuit has been developed for GPL and now, the full Le Mans 24 Hour Circuit has also been released. This track is a fantastic addition to GPL and is an absolute must for any fan of the Le Mans race. To learn more about this exciting addition to Grand Prix Legends, click here.

These guys are so creative, there is a possibility of the GT40 appearing in Grand Prix Legends - watch this space!

GPL-LeMans-01.jpg (50715 bytes)
GPL-LeMans-02.jpg (74834 bytes)
Screenshots from the new Le Mans track.

Now available on budget, Grand Prix Legends is worth the outlay but, be warned, it's incredibly difficult and if you don't have a  steering wheel, I personally, wouldn't bother. There is a thriving GPL community and many graphic and sound add-ons can be obtained making this one of the most customisable games available. Unmissable!

If you don't have a copy of Grand Prix Legends, you can purchase it from:

A fairly lightweight game in that not much of the vehicle set-up can be altered. Again no GT40s, it's an up-to-date game, the attraction is that, if you so wish, you can race the whole 24 Hours as the race length is adjustable from 12 minutes up to the full length!

LMScreenshot01.JPG (24921 bytes)

LMScreenshot02.JPG (50321 bytes)

The weather effects, including the transition from day to night, are superb.

Le Mans 24 Hours is a fun game but isn't for the serious PC racer. Apart from the attraction of racing at Le Mans, there isn't a lot else to hold the attention. This game could have been so much more...

Now re-released as a budget game, Sports Car GT doesn't feature a GT40, concentrating mainly on such cars as the McLaren F1, BMW M3 etc. However, with a little bit of effort, the GT40, as well as other 1960's sportscars can be imported into the game:

SCGTScreenshot02.JPG (48315 bytes)

SCGTScreenshot04.JPG (56423 bytes)

These two screenshots of Sports Car GT show the Gulf GT40 created for the game by Phil Adamson and Stefan Karlsson.

At present, there isn't a proper dash for the GT40 but it is being worked on. All the tracks included in the game are modern-day, the one above is Hockenheim. Le Mans is being developed as an add-on and is already available in beta form although I couldn't get it to work.

Not a serious simulation then but the cars can be "tweaked" to make them go faster.

 However, if you fill the grid with the various 1960's sportscars that are available and then sit down and watch the race from one of the track-side cameras, it's pretty unforgettable!

If you already have Sports Car GT, go to Sean Stafford's site where you can download a GT40 in four different colour schemes.

If you don't have a copy of Sports Car GT, you can purchase it from: