Le Mans 1968

28th & 29th September 1968.

After winning Le Mans in 1967, Ford had withdrawn from competition and the banner was now being carried by J.W. Automotive albeit with some support from Ford. 

For 1968 there were three GT40s entered by JWA plus two more by private entrants.

No. Chassis Drivers Result Team
8 1079 Willy Mairesse/Jean Blaton Crashed C. Dubois
9 1075 Pedro Rodriguez/Lucien Bianchi 1st JWA
10 1074 Paul Hawkins/David Hobbs dnf


11 1076 Brian Muir/Jackie Oliver "


12 1078 Mike Salmon/Eric Liddell " Strathaven Ltd.

1075LeMans68-02.JPG (46353 bytes)

1075 in the paddock prior to the race, being given a good polish. The Gulf cars were always immaculately turned out.

Having spent most of the year with two team cars, for this event, the Gulf team fielded an extra car, GT40P/1076. Unfortunately, it ended up, quite early on, stuffed into a sandbank. When it was finally extricated, the clutch was slipping badly and it was retired shortly afterwards.

The Gulf team at Le Mans in 1968. The car in the foreground, GT40P/1074, displays the "squared" front section of its Mirage chassis, this feature it shared with GT40P/1075. The other Gulf car, GT40P/1076 shown in the background, had the usual semi-circular front end of the standard GT40.

GT40P/1075 in the Esses. This was always one of the principle spots for photographers, the cars slowed down making them easier to photograph and, more importantly, it was within easy walking distance of the main stands!

GT40P/1074 coming through the Esses at Le Mans.

Le Mans 1968 and Lucien Bianchi climbs into GT40P/1075 to commence one of his "stints" at the wheel. The other driver of this winning car was Pedro Rodriguez. 

The winning car, GT40P/1075 on its way to winning Le Mans 1968. Note the driver giving the "thumbs up".