Le Mans 1967

10th & 11th June 1967.

1967 saw another large entry from Ford, the assault being led by four of the new MkIV GT40s. Also present were two of the new Mirages entered by J.W. Automotive.

54 cars started and 16 finished. Fastest lap was set by Denny Hulme and Mario Andretti, both with an average speed of 147.894 mph.

No. Chassis Drivers Result Team
1 J6 Dan Gurney/A.J. Foyt 1st

Shelby American

2 J5 Bruce McLaren/Mark Donohue 4th

"            "

3 J7 Mario Andretti/Lucien Bianchi Crashed

Holman & Moody

4 J8 Lloyd Ruby/Denis Hulme dnf

"            "

5 1031 Frank Gardner/Roger McCluskey Crashed

"            "

6 1015 Jo Schlesser/Guy Ligier "

Ford France

14 M10001 David Piper/Dick Thompson dnf


15 M10003 Jacky Ickx/Brian Muir "


16 1020 Henri Greder/Pierre Dumay "

Ford France

18 1042 Umberto Maglioli/Mario Casoni "


57 1047 Ronnie Bucknum/Paul Hawkins "

Shelby American

62 1026 Mike Salmon/Brian Redman "


MiragePits67-01.jpg (42430 bytes)

The two JWA Mirages in the pits prior to the start of the race. The car on the left is M.10003 driven by Ickx and Muir. The second car, M10001 was driven by Piper and Thompson. Neither of the Mirages finished the race.

M10001LM67-01.JPG (112750 bytes)

Mirage M.10001 which eventually retired with engine problems.

J5LM67-01.JPG (45001 bytes)

J5 eventually finished in 4th place. This picture was taken before the incident where the tail section came off and had to be secured with tape and, as legend has it, Carroll Shelby's alligator skin belt!

J6LM67-03.JPG (62111 bytes)

J6 driven by Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt. Prior to the actual race, A.J. Foyt had only driven 10 laps of Le Mans during practice!

J6LM67-05.JPG (178231 bytes)

Another picture of J6 taken much later in the race. Note the extensive use of tape to keep the rear body section from lifting. This was presumably done as a precautionary measure after J5 had lost its tail section.

1047LM67-01.JPG (45828 bytes)

GT40P/1047 driven by Ronnie Bucknum and Paul Hawkins failed to finish due to engine failure.

1047LM67-02.JPG (82149 bytes)

J7LM67-03.JPG (60597 bytes)

J7 (above) and 1031 (below) were both involved in the accident which eliminated three of the six works Fords from the race.

1031LM67-04.JPG (45123 bytes)

J7Crashed01.JPG (73832 bytes)

J7Crashed02.JPG (55577 bytes)

The aftermath of the accident.

1031LM67-02.JPG (64331 bytes)

 1031LM67-03.JPG (57908 bytes)

1031Crashed-01.jpg (74830 bytes)

J5LM67-02.JPG (69332 bytes)

J5 coming down the hill from the famous Dunlop bridge. At the side of the track can be seen the wreckage of 1015.

J5Pits-01.jpg (39442 bytes)

J5 in the pits. Note the copious quantities of tape securing the tail section!

1031&J7Crashed-01.jpg (36645 bytes)

The sun rises at Le Mans and the spectators gaze at the wrecks of the two Fords, 1031 and J7.

J6LM67-01.JPG (53457 bytes)

The winner: J6 driven by Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt.