Le Mans 1965

19th & 20th June 1965.

1965 saw a total of six GT40s entered for the race. Race preparation was now being handled by Shelby American who prepared all of the cars with the exception of the F.A.V. entered GT40P/1006.

Two of the cars, GT106 and GT107 were the new 7 litre (427 cubic inch) cars, later to be designated Mark II's.

Despite the increased numbers, the final result was the same as 1964, none of the Fords finished the race.

51 cars started with only 14 finishing. Race was won by the Ferrari of Gregory and Rindt. Fastest lap was set by Phil Hill at an average of 138.443 mph.

No. Chassis Drivers Result Team
1 106 Bruce McLaren/Ken Miles dnf Shelby American
2 107 Phil Hill/Chris Amon " "            "
6 1005 Herbert Müller/Ronnie Bucknum " Scuderia Filipinetti
7 1004 Bob Bondurant/Umberto Maglioli " Rob Walker
14 1006 Innes Ireland/John Whitmore " F.A.V.
15 109 Maurice Trintignant/Guy Ligier " Ford France

1006-01.jpg (35922 bytes)

GT40P/1006 was the first car to be fitted with what was to become the production nose. The aerofoil section seen in the radiator aperture wasn't adopted. Here, the car is seen at scrutineering for Le Mans 1965. In the background can be seen Sir John Whitmore and Innes Ireland who were to drive the car in the race.


1004-01.jpg (81856 bytes)

GT40P/1004 at scrutineering for Le Mans 1965. Entered by Rob Walker, the car was prepared by Shelby American and driven in the race by Bob Bondurant and Umberto Maglioli, it failed to finish. In 1968, this car was rebuilt to Gulf specification and renumbered GT40P/1084.

1005-01.jpg (97080 bytes)

Another Shelby American prepared car, this being GT40P/1005 which was entered by the Scuderia Filipinetti team. Driven by Herbert Müller and Ronnie Bucknum, it also failed to finish.


109Engine-01.JPG (74570 bytes)

The engine bay of GT/109, the only GT40 Roadster to actually race at Le Mans. Seen here at scrutineering for the 1965 race. Entered by Ford France, it was driven by Maurice Trintignant and Guy Ligier.

107-1004-106LM65-01.JPG (60873 bytes)

A Ford sandwich! The 4.7 litre powered GT40P/1004 between the two 7 litre cars, GT107 and GT106. This picture was taken at the start of the 2nd lap. None of the Fords finished the race.


GT107-01.jpg (55788 bytes)

The second of the two 7 litre cars, this is GT107. Note the two vertical fins on the rear deck.