A selection of photographs, most of which were taken inside the Ford Advanced Vehicles (later J.W. Automotive) factory at Slough.

Collotti.JPG (101296 bytes)

A good view of the Collotti transaxle fitted to the GT40 prototype. This was the only such unit available when the cars were built but was unable to cope with the power output of the GT40 which resulted in a great many failures. Once the much stronger ZF transmission was fitted, the GT40s gearbox problems all but disappeared.

Workshop-02.JPG (66151 bytes)

Fitting the lights and other components to the early style front bodywork.

Workshop-03.JPG (67169 bytes)

An engineer files down the sharp edges of the roof structure prior to fitting the rubber door seals.

Workshop-01.JPG (85504 bytes)

Race preparation for Le Mans 1966. GT40P/1007, the Ford France car, is in the foreground followed by GT40P/1017 and GT40P/1040. None of these cars were to finish the race.

1007Workshop-01.JPG (69937 bytes)

Working on GT40P/1007 in preparation for Le Mans 1966.

1067-1066.JPG (59177 bytes)

GT40P/1067 and 1066.

1029-02.jpg (55908 bytes)

GT40P/1029 being prepared for Le Mans . This car never made the actual race as it was wrecked in practice before the event.

1029-01.jpg (68215 bytes)

GT40P/1029 was entered for Le Mans by the Scuderia Bear team. In this picture, the blanked-off left-hand fuel filler can be clearly seen. Much of the preparation for Le Mans involved the fitting of a cross-over pipe between the two fuel tanks, this ran under the driver's seat and its fitting involved extensive work on the monocoque.

CarOnPlate.JPG (105595 bytes)

Setting the suspension on a GT40. In this case, the front wheel toe-in is being set. For these operations, the spring/damper units were removed and the car set on blocks that equalled the intended ride height.

1069-01.jpg (78637 bytes)

GT40P/1069 under construction.

FactoryCol-08.JPG (102274 bytes)

Mechanics pose with GT40P/1058 for the visiting photographers.

1058-01.jpg (53147 bytes)

In this picture, GT40P/1058 is about to be loaded on a trailer for a short trip to Heathrow Airport from where it would be flown to America.

GT40P/1058 now securely aboard the trailer. This and the other photographs in the series, were taken on 21st December 1966.

8CarColourShot.JPG (110871 bytes)

This photograph is a bit of a rarity. If you compare it with the other colour photographs taken at the same time, you will notice that there is one more car featured in this picture, the green car in the middle, GT40P/1057. This photograph was obtained by Ronnie Spain from a certain photographers who shall remain nameless. When Ronnie made a return visit to obtain more pictures, he discovered that this company had destroyed the remaining photographs!!!

GT40 101 Pre-Launch.jpg (228584 bytes)

GT/101 almost complete and ready for its introduction to the Motoring Press and the world in general.

ChassisOnJig.JPG (116640 bytes)

A picture taken in July 1965 showing the plywood jig used to ensure correct positioning of the roof structure. There is also a steel jig in the windscreen aperture. If the roof wasn't correctly positioned, the windscreen would be unlikely to fit as would the doors and other body panels.

EssexWire01.JPG (32309 bytes)

The Essex Wire Team prepares one of its GT40s for the Sebring 12 Hour Race of 1966. The team entered two cars, GT40P/1026 and 1010. The latter car failed to finish but GT40P/1026, driven by Peter Revson and Skip Scott, finished in 3rd place.