Ford GT40 Mk IV

  • Radically different chassis made of aluminium honey-comb panels bonded together.

  • Powered by Ford 427 V8.

  • Induction system: 1 or 2 Holley 4V carburettors.

  • Power output was approximately 500 bhp.

  • Weight at scrutineering: 2650 lbs.

  • Won at Le Mans in 1967.

  • Top speed: 230 mph.

J4-02.jpg (47059 bytes)

J4, the eventual winner at Sebring in 1967, being refuelled during a pit stop. Note the man with the fire extinguisher, just in case!

J4DaytonaTestMay67.JPG (55553 bytes)

The Sebring winner, J4, testing at Daytona in May 1967. This was durability testing for the latest specification engine which would be used at Le Mans that year.

J3-01.jpg (114150 bytes)

What would appear to be another picture of the Sebring winner is in fact J3 at the Le Mans Trials. Note the small, vertical fins on the rear deck. In the background can be seen the gold- coloured MkII, GT40P/1016.

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