Ford GT40 Mk II

  • Powered by Ford 427 (7.0 litre) V8 mated to Ford 4-speed transmission. 

  • Induction system: 1 x (later 2 x) Holley 4V carburettor.

  • Based on standard monocoque chassis but with additional strengthening.

  • Power output was approximately 485 bhp.

  • Fitted with Halibrand alloy wheels.

  • Weight at scrutineering: 2670 lbs.

  • Mk II won at Le Mans in 1966.

  • Top speed: 215 mph.

1047LeMansPit-02.JPG (93960 bytes)

GT40P/1047 in the pit lane prior to one of the practice sessions for the 1966 race.

1031RiversideTestMay66.JPG (113023 bytes)

Riverside, May 1967. GT40P/1047 is unloaded from its trailer for final testing for the Le Mans race which would take place the following month. Unfortunately, this car wouldn't see out the race as its engine gave out in the 18th hour.

1031pres-03.JPG (50044 bytes)

A replica of GT40P/1031 at the Michigan Speedway.

Another picture of the replica of GT40P/1031. The original car, built to MkIIB specification, was wrecked at Le Mans in 1967.

The paddock at Le Mans in 1966. The cars are the two entered by Alan Mann. On the trailer is XGT-2 which was driven by Graham Hill and Brian Muir. The other car is XGT-1 which was driven by Frank Gardner and Sir John Whitmore. Neither car finished the race.

1012-01.jpg (74530 bytes)

GT40P/1012 was loaned to the Alan Mann Racing team for the Spa 1000 km in May 1966. Driven by Sir John Whitmore and Frank Gardner, it finished 2nd.

RoadsideLeMans66-01.JPG (75295 bytes)

What a sight! The Ford team, en route for Le Mans, take a break at the roadside in Northern France. The red car is GT40P/1047 and the metallic blue car is GT40P/1031.

RoadsideLeMans66-02.JPG (87399 bytes)

This photograph shows two of the Holman and Moody cars, the first being the bronze-coloured GT40P/1032 which was to be driven by Paul Hawkins and Mark Donahue, and the other being the gold-coloured GT40P/1016. Note that both cars have the headlight apertures painted white, a feature that was dropped for the race.

The Le Mans winner, GT40P/1046 being used as a test car at Daytona in December 1966.