Ford GT40 Mk I (1965)

  • Powered by Ford 289 (4.7 litre) V8 engine mated to ZF 5-speed transmission.

  • Induction system: 4 x Weber 48 IDA carburettors.

  • Built on steel monocoque chassis with fibre glass body panels.

  • Power output was approximately 390 bhp.

  • Initially fitted with Borrani wire wheels, these were later changed to magnesium alloy wheels.

  • Weight at scrutineering: 2440 lbs.

  • Mk I eventually won at Le Mans in 1968 and 1969 (Gulf GT40s).

  • Top speed: 200 mph.

1006-01.jpg (35922 bytes)

GT40P/1006 was the first car to be fitted with what was to become the production nose. The aerofoil section seen in the radiator aperture wasn't adopted. Here, the car is seen at scrutineering for Le Mans 1965. In the background can be seen Sir John Whitmore and Innes Ireland who were to drive the car in the race.

Hill01.JPG (25299 bytes)

Graham Hill with team manager Alan Mann at Goodwood in late 1965. The car is GT40P/1008, the Ford Press car. On this occasion, a few journalists were allowed to take the car for a spin, literally, on the circuit.

1007-1008.JPG (38228 bytes)

Sister cars: GT40P/1007 and 1008. GT40P/1007 was the last car to feature the row of ventilation slots on the rear of the roof section. This was the car that featured in the film "Une Homme et Une Femme". Raced by Ford France, the car still resides in France. GT40P/1008 was never raced and is still owned by the Ford Motor Company.

1019-01.jpg (62582 bytes)

Graham Hill test an unpainted GT40P/1019 at Goodwood in November 1965. This car was later stripped down and shipped to America.

105Sebring-01.JPG (80398 bytes)

Sebring, March 1966. Car number 21 is GT/105 entered by Ford Advanced Vehicles. Just visible in the background are GT40P/1037 and 1029 of the Comstock and Scuderia Bear teams respectively.

1038-02.jpg (57343 bytes)

GT40P/1038 in Essex Wire Team colours at the Silverstone International Trophy Meeting in May 1966. Driven by Skip Scott into an excellent 6th place.

1021-03.jpg (56202 bytes)

A photograph of GT40P/1021 taken outside Ford Advanced Vehicles when the car was first completed in November 1965. The car is painted in metallic olive green. Note the Borrani wire wheels which were standard fitment at this time. They were quickly replaced by much stronger magnesium alloy wheels.

1007-01.jpg (65894 bytes)

GT40P/1007 at practice for Le Mans in June 1966. Driven by Guy Ligier and Bob Grossman in the actual race, it failed to finish due to a broken distributor.

1073.jpg (47641 bytes)

GT40P/1073 at the Nürburgring in 1968. At this time the car was owned and raced by Terry Drury. Unfortunately, on this outing, it finished a lowly 34th.

1026-01.JPG (97059 bytes)

1026-02.JPG (165891 bytes)

GT40P/1026 at Spa in 1967. Driven in these treacherous conditions by Mike Salmon and Jackie Oliver, they finished first in class, 8th overall. 

1021Restored-01.JPG (112825 bytes)

GT40P/1021 on display in the United States.

1001Colour.JPG (60725 bytes)

GT40P/1001 seen outside Ford Advanced Vehicles on 30th March 1965. Although it never raced for the team, the car is seen in Shelby American colours  as it was to be displayed at the 1965 New York Show.

1040-01.jpg (28230 bytes)

GT40P/1040 at the Le Mans Test weekend in April 1966. This and its sister car GT40P/1039, were run by the same team, Scuderia Filipinetti. However, both cars were in the same colour scheme with the same number 12 thus causing years of confusion for researchers.

1072-01.jpg (62592 bytes)

Peter and Maggie Blankstones GT40P/1072 at the Prescott Hill Climb in 1971. Although this is a MkI road car, it is fitted with the side windows from the MkIII.

1009Spa01.JPG (37543 bytes)

A well known photograph of GT40P/1009 at Spa in 1966. Driven by owner Peter Sutcliffe and Brian Redman, it finished in 4th place.

1014Engine01.JPG (167080 bytes)

The engine bay of GT40P/1014. The aluminium duct below the header tank is for the gearbox oil cooler.

The other side of GT40P/1014. What may not be immediately obvious is that the battery is not in the engine bay and is situated in the passenger footwell. Most GT40s have had the battery relocated but not this early car.

1014Rear01.JPG (110168 bytes)

GT40P/1014 shows off its original rear bodywork. The separate indicator/stop light units were later replaced with a single unit.