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Only 3 Mirages were built and all are visible in this shot. The car farthest away from the camera, is the first Mirage, M.10001. This is the only car which survives in Mirage configuration. Of the other two, one was scrapped after an accident and the other was rebuilt to GT40 specification - GT40P/1074.

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The second Mirage M.10002 clearly showing the narrow roof-line compared to that of a standard GT40. In the background can be seen the third Mirage M.10003.

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Another picture, taken at a later date, of the second and third Mirages. Both now have the front sub-structure in place.

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A closer picture of Mirage M.10001. The fuel system, the wiring loom and most of the rear suspension are all in place. Still to be fitted are the brake calipers and discs.

Two more pictures of Mirage construction. The flimsy nature of the fibre-glass bodywork is readily apparent as efforts are made to reduce weight.

Fitting the Lucas wiper rack to the first Mirage.

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Mirage M.10001 in the JWA workshop. Note the monocoque and the completed MkIII in the background.

Mirage M.10001 at the Nürburgring 1000km in 1967. Driven by Jacky Ickx and Dickie Attwood, the car failed to finish.

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These two photographs show Mirage M.10001 in 1985, prior to restoration. The following photographs show the same car in 1986 after its restoration by Glenn Roberts.

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