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Ford GT Then and Now


by Adrian Streather



Complete historical review of the origins of Fordís involvement in motor racing through to the end of its involvement with the Ford GT program. All variations in the program are explained including the customer racing car program and the road car program.
How and why the original Ford GT plan was developed and how Ferrari played a significant role.
All the different original Ford GT versions, both road and race explained as they were developed in the various years of the program.
The major racing history of the original Ford GT is laid out in great detail.
The minor racing history of the original Ford GT is also laid out in great detail from Silverstone to South Africa and even Angola.
The personalities of motor racing in the 1960s along with their many exploits are covered in some detail. Many driver anecdotes and stories included.
The birth and development of the new Ford GT is explained in detail often using the original Ford GT as a comparison.
Driving the new Ford GT and GTX1 is covered along with road testing in the UK and on a Pan European road trip.
How the Ford GT replica industry kept the Ford GT legend alive.
Photographs and individual stories of many of the original Ford GT survivors detailed.


Starting in 1956 when Ford officially entered motor racing, this book takes the reader on a journey of how and why things happened the way they did. Who were the personalities behind the all the different Ford GT development programs, old and new.


This book contains new information and a different view of the Ford GT legend. Driverís have been interviewed. Never before seen historical and new photographic records have been included. Some of the old myths and legends have been revisited. The enemies of the Ford GT on the racing track have been included. The Ford GT replica industry gets its overdue day in the limelight. The stories of various original Ford GT survivors have been included, but most important of all, as many Ford GT drivers that could be found have been given their place on the Roll of Honour.