Tour Auto 2001

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Always a popular event for the GT40 as it is well-suited to this type of competition, this year there were no less than five GT40s entered: 1012, 1042, 1051, 1053 and 1062. I am indebted to Thierry Lesparre for these wonderful photographs from the Tour Auto (also known as the Tour de France).

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GT40P/1012 arrives at Le Mans.

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The cars line up for the start of the stage at Albi circuit.

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The mechanics get to work at Le Mans. Closest to the camera is GT40P/1062 which won this event last year.

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  GT40P/1042 before the start of the event.

2_GT40_Najac_Tdf2001.jpg (69115 bytes)

The stuff that picture postcards are made of - GT40P/1012 at Najac.

43_Depart_Albi_Tdf2001.jpg (61456 bytes)

GT40P/1062, the eventual winner, leads the field away.

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The route of the Tour Auto 2001.

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The winner for the second year running, Hans Hugenholtz and GT40P/1062.

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GT40P/1042 at Le Mans.

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David McErlain in GT40P/1053. David finished 2nd last year but had to make do with 5th place this year. 

Depart_Albi_Tdf2001.jpg (57121 bytes)

Chris MacAllister in GT40P/1051, one of the original Ford Press cars.

18_GT40_Najac_Tdf2001.jpg (66484 bytes)

A MkI and a MkII, 1053 and 1012.