Silverstone Testing

Here is a small selection of photographs taken at a Test Day, organized by Bryan Wingfield, at the Silverstone International Circuit in England.

The cars present are 1053, 1077, 1078, 1084, 106WR - a MkII built by Bryan on a Sbarro chassis and finally, GT40P/1089, the last car to be authorised by J.W. Automotive on its first public appearance.

Silverstone01.JPG (34783 bytes)

From left to right: 1053, 1077 and 1078.

Silverstone04.JPG (33626 bytes)

As above but now with GT40P/1084 in the picture.

Silverstone03.JPG (45489 bytes)

At the far end of the row, GT40P/1089 can just be seen.

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Silverstone13.JPG (61080 bytes)

Always well turned out - David McErlain's GT40P/1053.

Silverstone09.JPG (65003 bytes)

An ideal subject for a model diorama - GT40P/1084.

Silverstone07.JPG (48864 bytes)

One way to get rid of an airlock in the cooling system, a not uncommon problem on these cars.

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Silverstone12.JPG (71241 bytes)

GT40P/1077 - the car once owned by Yamaha of Japan. This car now sports a white centre-stripe edged in black.

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Silverstone02.JPG (30765 bytes)

GT40P/1089 in front of the 7 litre 106WR.

Silverstone14.JPG (42689 bytes)

GT40P/1089 returns to the pits after its first ever run.