GT40 Adverts

After the GT40 began winning races, particularly Le Mans 1966, any company with any connection to the cars, was eager to point this out in their adverts in the motoring press. Perhaps the most imaginative and humorous adverts however, came from Ford...

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Would you let your daughter marry a Ford owner?

The Ford GT40 7,540. 0-60 mph: 6 secs. 1st gear: 58 mph. Top gear: 164 mph. Boot space: laughable. Petrol consumption: wicked. 

If you're a bit worried about your future son-in-law just ponder over the trade in value: 5 Escorts, plus 3 Cortina Estates, plus a Corsair 2000. You could become the first 9 car family in your road.

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Stewart-Warner Fuel Pumps

Two adverts for the Stewart-Warner 240-A fuel pump. The advert on the left appeared in July 1966 after the GT40s win at Daytona. The second advert came after the Le Mans win. This particular fuel pump was heavy but very reliable, the MkII GT40 normally being fitted with 3 such pumps.

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Timken Bearings

This advert shows the rear half of GT/107 being used as a test bed, purportedly for Timken bearings which were used in the suspension uprights of the GT40. It is presumed that this chassis was eventually scrapped.