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GT40P/1013 - The Prototype Road Car

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GT40P/1013 was one of the most photographed of all GT40s. Being the prototype road car, it was the only car available for road testing, as opposed to track testing, by the motoring magazines of the time.

As a prototype, its specification changed very quickly as new ideas were tried and tested. It was the first car to be fitted with a heating system but essentially, it was still very much a race car being fitted with the standard GT40 spec. engine whilst later road cars were to feature an engine based on the 289 Hi-Po as fitted to the Shelby Mustang.

(Left) - Build Sheet for GT40P/1013.

Three pictures taken outside Ford Advanced Vehicles in December 1965. Although bearing the registration number GT 40 PR, this was actually a fake number but GT40P/1013 wasn't the only silver GT40 to carry this number.

Two shots showing the engine compartment of GT40P/1013. Note the experimental location of the battery on top of the rear monocoque. At this stage in production, the battery was normally located in the passenger footwell.


GT40P/1013 Race Record

Date Event Drivers Result
6/7/69 Vila Real 6 Hours Green/Blades 15th
13/7/69 Croft - Wills Trophy Willie Green dnf

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Magazine Articles

  • Autocar - 29th April 1966
  • Sports Car Graphic - May 1966
  • Car Life - November 1966
  • Motor Sport - December 1966